Company profile

The Limatherm Sensor Sp. z o.o. is a modern and dynamically evolving company offering advanced mesurement solutions. Its domain service is the production of measurement and control equippment, mainly temperature sensors for each industry. The company was founded in 1969 as The Branch of the Krakow Measurement Equipment Factory in Limanowa. From the beginning of its activity, the company has been providing measuring instruments that improve measurement applications, becoming a leader in the automation industry. Limatherm Sensor Sp. z o.o. belongs to the Introl Group, that is noticed on Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007.


Limatherm Sensor employs professional advisers and consultants in the fields of technology, construction, production, logistics and finance. They are educated people - engineers with enormous experience, systematically improving their professional qualifications and willingly sharing their knowledge and experience.


Limatherm Sensor has been trusted by over 6,500 companies in Poland and abroad, which have decided to cooperate and use the products in their measurement systems. In 2005, the ISO 9001-2000 quality system was introduced, and in 2016 it was updated according to the new ISO 9001-2015 standard. The largest customers who trusted Limatherm Sensor products include: ORLEN, LOTOS, PGE, COLFARM S.A., RUDNIK S.A., Elektrownia KOZIENICE S.A., ELPOAUTOMATYKA, KOMPANIA PIWOWARSKA, MOKATE Sp. z o.o.

Our mission

The mission of Limatherm Sensor is to satisfy the growing needs of metering applications in industry by providing them with advanced measurement solutions based on manufactured elements.
The mission of Limatherm Sensor is to provide the highest quality measuring devices.

The most important values

The most important values that the company is guided by are caring for the customer, satisfying his individual needs, innovation and professionalism. Its advantages include knowledge, experience and modern technologies that it uses and offers to its clients.


Limatherm Sensor is a producer of all types of temperature sensors: from simple wired sensors, head sensors, through sheathed - resistance and thermoelectric ones.
The production of sensors is carried out entirely on site. Such a comprehensive solution allows the company to control the quality of the product, and also makes it flexible in adapting the product to the customer's needs; wide selection: diameters, lengths, process connections, housing types.

Adapting to the needs of current and future customers, we obtain all necessary approvals, meeting the recommendations of applicable standards.
Our production program includes sensors for use in potentially explosive atmospheres: intrinsically safe - Exia, with a flameproof  -Exd casing and a reinforced casing-Exe; compliant with the ATEX new approach directives.
Sensors leaving the walls of our company are a showcase of production quality.
Its proper course is supervised by the Accredited Temperature Measurement Laboratory, equipped with testing and calibration equipment from reputable companies.


From the very beginning, Limatherm Sensor has been cooperating with partners who enrich its offer with high-quality products and proven solutions. Long-term contacts and successful commissioning with customers are the result of a consistently implemented strategy of providing products and services at the highest level.